Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two months from TODAY!

The last of the lavender and a Christmas cross stitch
If you listen carefully, you can hear alarm bells. Sure -- they are ringing, ding dong merrily on high -- but make no mistake. They are the CHRISTMAS alarm bells. Two months from TODAY we will be making merry. But, as we all know, there is a lot of work involved in a handmade Christmas.
I wish I was one of those who have been working all summer so that this TWO MONTH warning didn't seem so jarring and mildly panicky, but I can only focus on the nice weather. I revel in the waves on the beach, the novels on my e-reader, the wine after dinner lakeside -- all that comes with the pure hedonism of a Canadian summer.
A pile of ironing on the way to becoming Christmas presents
le petit packet
So, now beings the Christmas crafting. I have a pile of scraps that need to be pressed sitting on my ironing board. Sigh. Christmas used to be so much fun before I decided that my presents had to be handmade... (I am kidding!)
Earlier this month, I ordered some Christmas presents for myself. One of them came today from a Canadian Etsy seller, Pink Fawn Designs. Pink Fawn also has a pretty blog, and her real name is also Nancy. Hence, I was therefore compelled to buy some pretty Japanese cotton/linen from her.
Look how pretty le petite packet is! I was dithering about opening it. So I didn't do it -- yet.
She wraps the fabric is freezer paper -- which can be used to make fabric applique, and she also includes a swatch of vintage cotton sheeting. So cute.
Okay, now I am off to finish the ironing and get on with the crafting. Honest.


  1. I've been having that panicking feeling the past couple of days even though I've already begun the Christmas sewing. I keep telling myself, I've got enough time, but you're right, seeing the 25th of October on the calendar gives one a jolt. Where has the year gone?

  2. Let's work together - maybe once a week - on a M/W/F - my place or yours! I'm making a list right now of the projects I need to get done before we head to PA, so I can utilize the much-loved (by you and I, lolol) USPS for reasons that should be obvious to any other Canadians reading this comment, LOL!

  3. I started working on Christmas in January, but I'm still panicking!!

  4. Oh my, thanks for the reminder, between work, college and housework, I am afraid my crafting is sadly neglected. You seem so organised, and the package you put together looks so sweet. Big hugs, hope the ironing went well. Margie.


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