Friday, October 14, 2011

A place mat for everyone...
I am still coming to grips with getting comfortable with stipple quilting by machine. Hence, I chickened out on my Tilda charm squares bag -- for now. I had hoped to finish it today, but I opted to finish these Tilda place mats instead.
I found Moda's Rural Jardin print by French General for $3 a meter at Fabricland recently. Shocking, since I've seen it for quadruple that in other stores. There was no need to twist my arm -- I know a fabric bargoon when I see one. I snapped up enough to make five place mats as presented in Sew Pretty Homestyle.
The aerial view
Heretofore, we have never had a matching place mat for each family member. The table often looked like a patchwork quilt of mismatched mats. Now, we are all ready for when everyone is home for Christmas -- its the little things that make me happy -- obviously.
These little mats are very easy to do, and I like the hand quilting which produces a pretty ruffled effect when they are washed and dried. Thankfully, they also wash and wear well -- a blessing when you've got a battle-scarred table and very little will to wash and iron table cloths. The mats are just pretty enough to distract diners from the tabletop and focus on the plates.
Speaking of crockery -- check out that jumbo Francais chocolat cup. I found it and its matching plate/saucer at Value Village for $2. I was tagging along with the kids last weekend. They were planning for their Halloween party costumes. I was just along for the ride. I also scored some vintage ric-rack in green and peachypink, as well as large embroidery hoops. I like those stitcheries framed in hoops you see all over the Internet, so I plan to give them a try. I also discovered that Berni likes to do free motion embroidery and the large wooden hoops make her happy to do my bidding. We are in negotiations vis a vis the free motion quilting of the bag. Watch this space!
Tomorrow morning, Sandra and I are going to a PJ party at a quilt store north of here. We are leaving at 5 a.m. in our PJs. I would like to promise photos, but I am reasonably sure Sandra will kill me once she wakes up. All I can say is -- I will try.


  1. I chicken out on freemo quilting all the time - I don't know why, as I'm fairly confident (as long as I warm up first, and as long as the project is fairly "relaxed" (iykwim). I know you'll do a lovely job on your Tilda bag no matter what you end up doing - maybe you could consider using a twin needle for it, LOL!!

    Ya know --- I think Dennis will be up and about when we're getting ready to go (he's working) - we COULD get him to take our picture ... maybe! If it's dark out it might not be too bad!! ;)

  2. Oh we definitely have to have pictures of the PJ party!

    Those are such pretty placemats. $3 per yard for any print of French General would have been a bargain even in the States.

  3. Arghhhhhhhh! I LOVE Rural Jardin and you can't get it in this country for love nor money. If they still have some next time you go, will you pick me some up?? I'll send you all the Tilda you want!

    P.s. Placemats are gorgeous...

    Oh, you may never get this message as Sandra may already have killed you. If so, it was wonderful knowing you Nancy, Sandra, don't worry, I wont call the cops!


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