Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday's Work in Progress

The WIP Tilda charm bag
A while ago, I posted about my heart's desire: to have some fabric from the Tilda range. Available in Europe, but not here, I have admired it from my Tilda library. Wendy, on the other side of pond, longed for clear vinyl. She could not find it anywhere. I had meters and yards of it.
Sandra brokered a trade -- and Wendy and I became bloggy buddies. When the charm pack arrived, I visited it often and put it away safely -- as one would any treasure (or realization of a heart`s desire)
The details...
My Tilda charm pack is precious to me -- and in charm form -- exceptionally cute. But, over the weekend, during some blog surfing, I finally found something worthy of my Tilda charm pack. I decided to get a grip and make something with them.
During the surfing session, I found this great tutorial from My Patchwork. I began it today using it my precious squares. The bottom fabric is a Michael Miller print called Old Script.
Tomorrow, I will do the quilting of the outer bag and make the lining and handles. I will post the results later this week.
Even in pieces, I love this bag. Thank you to all those who made it possible!


  1. Oh those are pretty fabrics. I especially like the pink swirly teardrop one. I looking forward to seeing the finished bag.

  2. It's even prettier in person :D I love the pattern you picked, Nanc - it's going to be an amazing tote! Thanks for the selvage, lol!

  3. Glad you are enjoying them Nancy! I'd forgotten how lovely they are!! And thanks for the link to the pattern, it is a lovely bag and a new blog for me! I really need to get working with that vinyl, I have the pattern printed out and sitting on my cutting table waiting for me but I just don't seem to have any time at the minute.


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