Saturday, February 25, 2012

After four months of waiting, a bit of my package arrives

Charmed, and yet disappointed
In November of last year, I found a North American source for Tilda products. I placed an order for a charm pack, some little resin crowns and some wooden bobbins. Then, I waited. For four months. I called. They said the shipment was hung up in customs. They said this for three months. THREE.
I understand that international customs do not take into account the creative wants and needs of crafters and needle workers. I get it.
However, if a business concern promises product on a website, seems to process an order on said web site, and then sends a confirmation e-mail regarding said shipment, one tends to believe the shipment will arrive.
I am very happy with my little fabric squares, which cost a ton of money. I am not happy with the "company" who said they are a North American source for Tilda.
They are not. They are a source of frustration and anger. I did not get my little crowns or wooden bobbins -- and I never will. They are listed as 'out of stock'. Apparently, they were not in stock when I placed my order. They were somewhere in Europe -- where, apparently, they will remain. There was no further explanation, except to say that I have a credit. I don't know that I want anything they have. I am now convinced I won't get what I want, and I won't be advised about the order unless I nag excessively.
So deep is my disgust I won't even name the business, that would just encourage them. From now on, I will rely on etsy and ebay sellers for hard-to-find items.
I think its time we helped the little guys. Who's with me?


  1. Hi Nancy Lee, so sorry to hear about your package, waiting so long for your treasures and then only some turning up, thats false advertising on their behalf. Had a little read of some of the posts I have missed, and you have been so busy, love your bag, and the pancakes. Big hugs, Margie,

  2. That's so annoying!
    I'm sure you've thought through your options but have you tried here they've a great Tilda selection & post to Canada although I don't know how much it'd be.

  3. I'm glad your fabric came - the store should give you a refund for the items that didn't come, if that's what you want. Such is the price of a Tilda love in a mostly non-Tilda continent, I fear!

    I have great fun ordering Etsy - every person I've dealt with has been charming and helpful - I have a lucet coming by mail, and 50 zippers (lol big surprise) (both from Etsy), and some wooden beads and carabiners (Ebay) - my mailman is going to get quite a workout!

  4. what a pain Nancy,i might check out the site that SEW,ray,me has posted about.xx

  5. That is so sad, and I can relate to your disgust. I've experienced delays getting parcels from private people in the US (swaps and prizes from bloggers), but never that long! It is Canada Customs who holds up those parcels, not sure why. But a business, that regularly sends to Canada, shouldn't experience that delay. We're fortunate we live only a half hour from a US border crossing, and have friends just another hour away so we can get stuff delivered to them and go and pick it up ourselves. Others we know have a mailbox just across the border, and use that. If only so many Canadians didn't live so far away from the US border. And then to not get all of your that's really bad business! And if I were you, I'd share the name of the company, just to advertise their poor PR and the fact that they didn't care to even try to get you the items you ordered. Word spreads, it's amazing! But do enjoy the fabrics - they'll make a wonderful ?????? Looking forward to seeing it!

  6. oh no, Nancy, I feel terrible... this is all my fault. I promised you some Tilda ages ago and I still haven't got round to visiting the shop that sells it, I'm such a crap friend. I'm really sorry and I'll be remedying the situation forthwith!


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