Friday, February 24, 2012

Things to do in Spring...

Sew, a needle pulling thread...
At the end of April of this year, I will be presenting a mini workshop on behalf of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine at the CreativFestival in Toronto.
This is a large event that features workshops on all kinds of needle arts, scrap booking, card making and knitting, as well as a whole lot of shopping for all kinds of notions, fabrics and supplies.
On the Saturday of the weekend show, I will be showing people how to make a felt needle book. It's kind of exciting and scary all at once.
I hope everyone is nice, that we all have fun, and that sometime between now and then I develop a proper teaching style.
In the coming weeks, I will be getting the needle book kits ready and making sure I have all the supplies the participants will need. Wish me luck!


  1. That's great! Congratulations & good luck!

  2. That sounds exciting! How do you manage to get involved in such things?
    I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, it'll be great fun on the day.

  3. Oh Nancy, how exciting. I'm just so thrilled for you. I know that you'll do great!

  4. wow Nancy, you're becoming a star in the crafting world! don't forget me when you're famous... That needlebook looks lovely, you'll do just fine. The best approach to teaching is to be yourself, give simple, concise instructions, then wait for questions. Laugh and smile a lot so the students know you're approachable.


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