Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Froggy frolics

Fonzie and friend
I joined a Tilda facebook group a while back.
This year, we are doing a series of monthly challenges. I wasn't able to do January's "something green" challenge, but this month, it was all about Tilda's animals. Thank goodness it was a leap year! I needed that extra day to finish it and post it to the group page.
In honour of LEAP YEAR (get it?), I got busy and did a frog and his dragonfly friend from Crafting Tilda's Friends.

I attached a magnet to the dragonfly -- actually, I made three. When the warm weather makes an appearance, I plan to do a new wreath for our front door. The dragonflies will stick onto the steel door and "fly" around the wreath.
In the meantime, the Fonzie (as I call him) and his buddy can hang out on this little garden bench until Spring comes calling.

Have a great February 29!


  1. The Fonzie looks like he's wearing M.E., like all the COOL froggies!

  2. Okay... the frog and dragonfly are seriously adorable. And I'll bet you smile every time you look at them.

  3. Hello Nancy, I love these that you made for the facebook challenge. Your very clever.
    Sadly I cannot message you on facebook to ask you to still join in the facebook challenges but now on Jill & Lesley's group.
    If you still would like to join in the same challenges, run by the same people, Jill & Lesley, you will find us here.
    http://www.facebook.com/#!/gro ups/229392133820457/


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