Saturday, February 18, 2012

FNSI fun in fotos (mostly)

iPad tote inching toward completion.
FNSI was a fun group event at our house.
I am inching ever closer to finishing my iPad case. Yay! Sandra stitched some bags for family friends. Amanda had a long week at work, so she had some dinner and then she browsed through Pinterest. She also cheered us on.
FNSI was lots of fun as usual.
In other fabric news, Fabricland had a 40 per cent off everything members sale this week. So, I scored some real pure linen.
Hugely expensive at regular price -- as if ever paying regular price for fabric is something I regularly do. I always just look at the linen. But, in that hard to find Tilda doll colour, it had to be mine.
Samdra and her panty bag...
 Hope everyone had a great FNSI. I hope to visit some blogs later on this weekend and see what everyone else was up to!
Amanda on Pinterest

Hello Dollies -- is it a square or chocolate bar?

Sandra's finishes.

A lot of 40 per cent off linen. The printed bit is from Quilt a Bag.


  1. What a great FNSI with nice finishes.

  2. Glad you had a fun night sewing and visiting with Sandra and Amanda. I'm hearing a lot about Pinterest, mostly about how addicting it is.

    I've held off joining because I'm a little concerned over the copyright issues that I've been reading about on various blogs.

    Great find on the linen. I'm looking forward to seeing which Tilda dolls you make with it.

  3. And a great time was had by all, with thanks to our delicious hostess *cheering in the background* :D

    I want the French onion soup recipe you mentioned, and thanks for showing me the sticking skinny tape (the name of which eludes me, oops) - that stuff is coolacious! Today I strung a couple of zipper pulls with large coloured wooden beads to finish the flower zipper bags - colour them completed and ready to gift :D


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