Thursday, February 23, 2012


A place for everything...
... everything in its place
It took FOREVER, but I finally finished my iPad purse.
My iPad has a hard shell leather protective sleeve, but I had nothing suitable to tote around the iPad and all its accessories. I have totes galore, but they are all too large and everything seemed to be swimming around and tangling up. The only workable solution was to create a purse to keep it all together.
I wanted it to be fun and funky, but also sort of cute and sweet. The ideas formed slowly in my mind. They came together even more slowly in real life -- at the cutting table and at the sewing machine.
This happens to me all the time. When I want something to be special, I take ages to get it done. I fear making a mess of things, especially once I have chosen special fabrics and embellishments. I considered doing a mock up in fabrics that are not special in any way, but then I decided I would never take the same time and care if the good stuff wasn't on the line.  That's how I roll, baby ...
Details, details ...
The result of this month-long process is an iPad purse I think Lucy Ricardo would have used if Lucy had the miracle of tablet computing when she and Ethel were cooking up their schemes. Imagine the possibilities of their hijinks if the Internet had been informing their plans. The mind boggles.
I stamped What I Love Today on the label -- which is embellished with a Cath Kidston strawberry cotton duck applique. I chose the sentiment because the iPad has opened up a whole world of new creative thought for me. The ideas can literally change day to day -- as do my favourites.
This technology-fueled fickleness might drive some people to distraction, but I like to think of it all as possibilities, not necessarily a to-do list. I am so happy to have finished this purse. Now I have a place for everything, and everything in its cute little place.


  1. Your iPad purse turned out great. And I love all the little added touches. Those make it really special and uniquely yours.

  2. uFinished, and iLove it! Can't wait to see it in person --- next time you pop by my place you need an iPad!!! ;)

    Lucy and Ethel --- ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It's lovely! No wonder you're so pleased with it. It's great when you can make something like this yourself with all the pockets etc that you want/need and in such pretty fabrics :)

  4. It looks fab Nancy! I can understand the care you put into it, I just can't pace myself like that, once I start something, I want it finished NOW


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