Friday, April 29, 2011

Bleary eyed breakfast fest...

Festive decorations 
Up with the dawn this morning to watch a lovely young couple tie the knot -- along with a billion other television guests. What a beautiful event for Will and Kate. Say what you will about the monarchy, they know how to put on a grand event. It was all so elegant and tasteful. Nothing too much, nothing too little. Kate's dress was so lovely and classic. It will influence bridal elegance for many years to come.
As I predicted, I was enchanted by the service (it was the same one used when the Mr. and I tied the knot 27 years ago). I adore the poetry of the Book of Common Prayer. There are parts of it still that can move me to tears. I have always loved the way the bride and groom's hands are wrapped together in the stole of the priest with the pronouncement, "Those who have been joined together, let no man put asunder..."  So beautiful.
Vintage deliciousness
The music! Next to creating and receiving handmade things, I love listening and performing music. Love Divine All Loves Excelling has been my favourite hymn since childhood, and yes, it was our wedding hymn as well. I also enjoyed the new anthem composed by John Rutter for the wedding. That man can certainly write a tune. 
Fairytale on TV
Miss B made us some lovely floppy hats to wear as we watched. Very fetching they were too, adorned with flowers, butterflies and ribbons!
Sparking rose
Our breakfast feast, shared with friends Amanda and Ashley, included sausage rolls, mini quiche, strawberries, scones, strawberry jam and Devon cream. Yummmm! It was washed down with sparkling rose wine and tea served in my late mother-in-law's teacups, circa 1953.
It was wonderful to witness this bit of history -- albeit at a very early hour -- and to share the experience with my dearly beloved daughter.


  1. What fun! And a wonderful memory to share with your daughter in years to come.

  2. What an event, the ceremony, the dress, flowers, bridesmaids and maids of honour, the carraige, horses, aston martin, two kisses, second dress.....a beautiful blessed event. I love that so many people around the world shared the joy of the day, your morning/night sounds perfect and sharing with your daughter makes it all the more special. Big hugs, Margie.

  3. Yes my DD1 (11yr) and I sat & watch with English biscuits and tea. The time was a little kinder in Oz with verything starting @ 4pm in afternoon.
    It was Beautiful. Sandra


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