Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finally finished! Bring on the summer sunshine...

Well worth the buying!
 I finally finished the Cath Kidston strawberry bag. It is the first project Bernie (aka Bernina 830 Record circa 1977) and I did together. She is a wonderful older gal, and I have great love for her.
In order to do this project -- and more like it in the years to come -- I purchased a denim presser foot (invaluable for thick fabrics with many layers). The foot is hinged, so it just glides over the humps. It's a great investment. I justified it to myself because I was given Bernie, so I feel I owe it to her to buy her some nice "shoes".
Another recent purchase is Lisa Lam's Bag Making Bible -- a book completely devoted to the making of various kinds of bags. Lisa provides all kinds of tips about zips, magnetic closures, pockets, and handles.
The pattern  from the strawberry bag was featured in Homestyle Sewing magazine. It was a highlight project from a review of  the book and an interview with the author.
I am excited about finishing this bag, which is made from my very favourite Cath Kidston print. I quilted the fabric before lining it, even though the pattern called for iron-on fleece.
I like the Chanel-like quilting effect and it was easy to do. I just used masking tape as a quilting guide, and sewed a line of long stitches on either side of the tape. I laid it diagonally in one direction and then switched to the other. So easy! And, really cool looking. The strawberry bag is all ready for summer. As am I!
A sweet summer bag and a great book


  1. Oh Nancy, your bag turned out so lovely. I really like the way you quilted it.

    I always find having the right equipment makes a huge difference in how easily a project goes together. A denim presser foot is a great addition to Bernie's "wardrobe."

  2. Wow, the bag is gorgeous! Look at that binding!! I'm scared of that bag... I wont be attempting it even though I love it! The book is amazing isn't it? It makes it so easy to mix and match to make the bag you want rather than just having to follow instructions. It made me feel really confident in tackling more bags, and maybe even my own design.


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