Monday, April 18, 2011

Hippity hoppity Easter is on its way

Kanzashi cute!
 Today, it was all about getting ready for Easter. I made the flower for my aunt's shopping bag. Then, I got inspired to make up a cardboard Easter basket for some of my favourite university students. They are wrapping up the last of their exams and packing up to come home, so I think they have earned a little treat.
Since it is pretty difficult to mail a basket, I tarted up a plain cardboard box with some paper Easter grass. This is way better to deal with than the old cellophane stuff that drove my mother insane back in the day. I think it looks pretty nice, and once I slap one of my specialty labels on it, it will be very festive.
Not quite an Easter basket
Despite the calls for more snow tomorrow -- we had a great deal of it on the weekend (well, a lot of APRIL) -- there are still some signs of spring around here. Even though my kids are a bit old for the Easter bunny's baskets, they are still looking forward to an Easter Egg Hunt.
Apparently, they will indulge in cute for chocolate. I don't know if they will pose for blog photos, but I can always make that a condition for the aforementioned hunt. Sure,  I am that mean -- just ask the kids!


  1. Sorry dear - you spelled my name wrong on that tag!!! It's not S - i - o - b - h - a - n ... it's S - a - n - d - r - a ... silly girl! :D

    N asked me the other day to NOT give him chocolate for Easter. Obviously he's a freakish mutant alien child, and not the fruit of MY loins. PBBBFFFT!

  2. They're going to love their Easter surprizes.

    I have to get busy here too decorating for Easter now that we're home from our marathon road trip.

  3. What a brilliant gift! Bet no-one makes me an easter basket! Are these your children or just a couple of uni students that you saw and decided would be your favourites?!? (You and Sandra have some wierd habits concerning random people...). Definitely ban them from the hunt if they don't have their photo taken, your hunt, your rules!! (I'd ban Sandra too, bet she cheats)


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