Friday, April 15, 2011

Signs of spring in advance of storms

An arty-quilty project -- the sunny yellow crocuses against the winter left overs

I was out and about early this morning, getting snacks ready for tonight's FNSI. I am still deciding what I will be doing. Honestly, I haven't really been doing a whole lot of sewing this week. Now I have to work out what to work on for the virtual sewing bee this evening. There are more than 100 people involved this time. The deal is you sign up (see button at the side of this post), do your work tonight, then you post your results tomorrow. It is kind of fun to surf around and see what all the folks have been doing. I do have a Tilda lamb cut out, and it is Easter next week...Hmm, I will have to decide by 7 p.m. when Sandra arrives with her projects all ready to go. The pressure!
In the meantime, enjoy this photo. I think it could become some kind of arty project someday, printed on fabric and gussied up with some stitching and the like. We are supposed to have really soggy (and cold) weather this weekend, so if thought I would photograph sunshiny stuff while I can.

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