Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A right royal knees up!

Miss B bakes a cake...
Here at Handmaid Headquarters, we are in planning mode for the viewing the Royal Wedding. In Canada, coverage begins at  4 a.m.
Nonetheless, we are sharing the experience with our friends Amanda and Ashley. Amanda's mom is a proper cockney, born within the sound of the Bow Bells and all, so we are delighted to watch this historical occasion with them. My daughter, the recently-returned from university Miss B, and I will be welcoming them in our very best  pjs and fancy headgear...
Anna Griffin's Fabrications pages
Today, while Miss B baked a cake to transform into petite fours, I made bunting. These little triangle flags are all the rage once again, though I have always associated it with festive events. It has always seems so very British to me.
Since I wanted to make something that I can use again for other festivities, I decided to use some scrap booking fabric from Anna Griffin. Called Fabrications, this stuff is specially treated fabric that can be cut and will not fray. I got it on clearance sometime ago and used some of it for an earlier project, but I still had some nice prints to use for the bunting.
 Making the bunting wasn't difficult, and I really liked the end product. Here is how I did it:
First, I made a triangle template with six-inch sides. Then I cut out 18 triangles  from three prints. Then I used some single fold bias tape. I folded it in half and ironed it. Then, I used a glue stick to run a line of glue on the front and back of the triangle, and glued it to the bias tape, folding the tape over the front and back of the triangle, and pressing down--basting it onto the bias tape. I spaced the triangles two inches apart, marking the placement for each new triangle lightly with a pencil. When I finished the glue basting, I let the glue dry. Then, I sewed the whole line down with a wide straight stitch. Now, it is ready to be hung up over the entertainment unit to give a festive air to our early morning right royal knees up!
Bunting flags spaced two inches apart
Basting with glue

Almost ready to hang...


  1. The bunting is fab!! Petite fours eh? Shouldn't it be cucumber sandwiches if you're being British? Having said that, I'm British and not only have I never eaten a cucumber sandwich, I've never even seen one!
    I'm glad I get to watch the wedding at a normal time!


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