Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Never give me day-long access to a car

Day out and dollars short
Fabric details
Spools, cakes , and pouches -- oh my!
This morning in our part of the world, rain was coming down in buckets, and it is still sort of cold. But it was made better because my sister kindly loaned me her car for the day.
What better way to celebrate such a day than a trip out of town to a quilting shop in Cookstown ON. Suddenly Sandra joined me in the escapade.
I found lovely cake fabric (hideously expensive, but mine anyway.)Fabrics also adopted included a Fig Tree print on special sale and along with some insanely cute and on sale Mary Engelbreit. Sandra spied a Fig Tree Pattern for little cell phone/camera bags, so that went in my pile too. Then I added some sewing machine top stitching needles and a couple of John James Pebbles in hand sewing and quilting styles. Let's not forget about the pretty Asian inspired fat quarters.
Oh yes, turn me loose and damage ensues. I was like a kid in a candy store -- except I wasn't -- not right at that moment.
After the quilt shop, we found a real candy store/antiques shop. Therein, I found TWO old textile mill spools marked at 50 per cent off because the store was closing down. I have been hankering after them for some time (at least 12 years), but having never found them, I gave up.
My interest was renewed because Fresh Vintage Sewing features a pear pincushion perched upon such a spool.
After our adventures in Cookstown, which included an unfortunate enabling of the car alarm -- I had a heck of a time disabling it -- we were off to the dreaded Newmarket mall.
We had lunch there.
I also got some tea towels for my aunt who makes little oven towels. She sells them at summer craft sales (one of them, ironically, in Cookstown).
We arrived back home after our large day safe and sound, and hoping for a sunny day tomorrow.
I am thankful for kind and sharing sisters and lovely friends who hop out of honking cars and explain to passersby that I have no idea how to shut it off.


  1. Heeheehee I told Dennis about the car alarm going off, and even pointed out how it was MY contribution to the day, but I forgot to include the part about the 3 guys down the street who benefitted from my explanation and finger-pointing!!!! Thanks for reminding me ... LOLOL!!!

    You neglected to mention how many times YOU won! ;)

  2. Sounds like a great day out, some good scores there! Hmmm, sounds just like Sandra to "have to" go and explain to 3 men about the situation!! I do have a question though oh wise one, what are top stitching needles? I just use the needle in my machine...

  3. Oh lovely, lovely fabrics. And what a lucky find with the textile mill spools.

    And car alarms!... I know they are good safety features to have, but I've accidental set ours off a couple of times. Good thing I had our son with us the first time, otherwise I wouldn't know how to turn the darned thing off either.

  4. Oh that was such a trip for you, looks and sounds like great fun, and your buys looks like great finds. Pity about the car alarm. hugs, margie.


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