Friday, April 15, 2011

FNSI finishes and faces...

Faces & snacks
Tonight's FNSI was fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper, Tzatziki, pita chips and Smartie cookies. Yep, all of that goes together with sewing and laughs with Sandra and our friend Amanda.
I embroidered seven tomte faces for Sandra's future projects, and I made a nylon shopping tote for my Aunt Rita's Easter present. I found the yellow polka dot fabric for .50 in a remnant bin. It looks like a little yellow bathing suit!
Sewing with this stuff is a challenge, and I ended up binding the seams to take care of the enormous amount of shredding. However, I like how it turned out. It is so very cheery and I think she will like using it. I plan to add a kanzashi flower to it for extra sweetness. I hope everyone else enjoyed FNSI. I know we did!

Sandra's busy fingers
Cheap and cheerful


  1. KISS KISS I had a blast tonight - thanks for such a fun evening, lol. We got a LOT done, despite you complaining that you didn't! Aunt Rita will love the bag - I like the idea of adding the kanzashi flower for bling - I know you didn't think of this, but we should do those flowers for our next Tornado party! *Sandra ducks and runs before Nancy can hit her with Bernie* :)

  2. You and Sandra both had a very productive FNSI. And it sounds like you had loads of fun too!

  3. Very productive for you two....and also a lot of fun!! Congrats on a great FNSI!!!

  4. Just as well you have pictures to prove you did some sewing. Sounds like you had way too much fun!
    All the little faces look cute lined up and I love your shopping bag. It does look a bit like swimmers:)

  5. And there was me, thinking you were just pining over the lack of Wendy at the party! The bag is fab, what a great idea to use nylon as it's so cheap, perfect for shopping bags. I don't know if I'd have the guts for it though after my Lycra experience last year!


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